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When waiting feels like forever (Or I could write a thesis on impatience)

Impatience is a topic I could have written a thesis about. If only I’d been patient enough to stick at it!

But sometimes WAITING really does feel like forever, and the changes you’ve been working towards or those that will inevitably come, feel like they’ll never eventuate. So you grow impatient.

Yin Yang teaches us to expect and accept change, to ‘go with the flow’ (aligning our energies with the universe, biding our time and then acting when circumstances are right) while striving for balance between fast and slow, upwards and inwards etc

I’ve had a lot of practice at WAITING, yet I still haven’t learned patience. I’m trying!

I want this post to stay on the home page as a slider. It features fire and water combined in different concentrations and shows visually how adding water to fire changes the picture.



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