Life is a balancing act – not just between the many things we seek (or have) to do, but in the way we actually live our lives, the energy we bring to daily living in each and every moment.

Most people seek balance – but what does that really mean? Different things to different people in different situations I’m sure. But to all of us it means finding a place of peace, joy, harmony and contentment where we feel centred.

This is what I’m striving to do – to balance the yin and yang energies in my life to help me  BE content – content when experiencing highs and lows, balanced when things are moving fast and when they are slow, always embracing change – going with the flow the yin yang symbol depicts. And always trying to being grateful.

I’d love to share this journey towards balance and contentment with you.

My Purpose – Seek balance…embrace change…give thanks

My Motto – If at first you don’t find balance, there’s wine, and there’s always wisdom!

My Musings – on work-life balance, motherhood, Mummy time, guilt (mother guilt especially), infertility, adoption, China, Taoism and all things yin and yang.

Blog stars – Yin Yang Mother, Mr Yang, Yin 8, Yang 2


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